Garden Tools

Garden Tools for all your garden tasks

This is where you can find some great garden tools and garden equipment for disabled and less able gardeners. We have garden gear for every garden task.

Able Gardener have scoured the length and breadth of the country to bring you the best gardening tools to help you in your gardening task whatever your ability.

Allow our Garden Tools do the work

Let our hand tools take the strain, while our snappers and saws
have a long reach and a big bite. Check out our loppers and tree care for your autumn clean up, and don’t forget our garden gadgets for the gear you didn’t know you needed!

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Garden Gadgets

You can browse this section for the garden tool to make life just that little bit easier – in here there is a gardening tool for the disabled and able gardener.

Garden Hand Tools

Here we have garden tools that take the strain out of gardening. Our Easi-Grip range is the perfect gardening tool for the disabled and able gardener with arm supports and long reach features.

Garden Scissors & Knives

Visit this section to see the gardening tools disabled people and able gardeners can’t do without. We have scissors with pliable handles for comfort and multi purpose scissors to tackle every garden task.

Garden Shears & Pruners

Where better to find a garden tool that requires minimum effort. Here we have pruners and shears suitable for all your gardening tasks.The perfect gardening tool for the disabled and able gardener.

Garden Snappers & sSawa

Check out this page for garden tools from able gardener to help disabled people in the garden. Snappers with long handles for easy reach and folding saws with a big bite! Great garden kit to get the job done.

Garden Loppers & Tree Care

Let our loppers take the strain, the perfect gardening tool for the disabled, and able gardener. Choose from long handled loppers to handy ratchet loppers. With their powerful punch you can’t fail to find the best garden tool right here!