Garden Watering made easy

On the Able Gardener garden watering page we have some great garden watering ideas to suit all gardeners and their gardens. You will find the best watering cans to help with your garden watering and some clever ways to water without straining yourself. In this garden watering section you will find easy to use watering cans, a unique Rainstick to reach up high and a great little gadget for bringing your hanging baskets down to an easy garden watering level.

Garden Watering for every size of garden

Whether it’s a window box, a patio or a field, it always needs watering. We have the garden watering tools to make watering your garden easier. Our garden watering tools help reduce water waste too. Check out our animal watering cans to add fun to your garden watering. We’ve also got a lovely selection of world class Haws watering cans for indoors and out, to add style to your watering.