Bionic Gardening Gloves

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The Bionic custom fit

To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure at the place indicated on the diagram shown here. Use the measurements below to determine your proper glove size.

Medium 7 1/4″ – 7 3/4″
Large 7 3/4″ – 8″
Large 8 1/4″ – 8 3/4″
XL 8 3/4″ – 9 1/4″


These Original Bionic Gardening Gloves were designed by a renowned hand surgeon to improve hand comfort for gardeners. Made from top quality, machine washable leather, they are so supple, you can even pick up a penny with them on. Anatomic relief pads help reduce hand fatigue and calluses, adding comfort and flexibility to your grip.

These Bionic Gardening Gloves carry the Ease of Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation.