Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories to keep your garden looking good

At Able Gardener, we have been busy looking for the best garden accessory for your garden. Able Gardener have found some great accessories for you to choose from. Garden accessories that look good as well as being functional and well-made.

Garden Clocks to keep track of time spent outdoors
Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself – and nowhere is that truer than in the garden. Our delightful decorative outdoor garden clocks are fully weather-resistant and the diverse range of styles on offer means that you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your garden or patio.

Thermometers and Barometers to monitor your garden

Here at Able Gardener we believe you want to see what the conditions are like when you’re actually in the garden, not just inside looking out. Check out this section for great-looking thermometers and barometers and matching clocks!

Plant labels to accessorise your garden

We’ve found more gardening accessories in these great little boxes of ties and labels to help tidy all those plants in the garden, in the greenhouse and in your home.

And in case you forget your plant names, another range of accessories are these very trendy and functional plant labels to aid your memory. Copper plant labels, painted wooden plant labels, bamboo plant labels and colourful anodized plant labels to name but a few.

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